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Primal Champions Hacked

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Cheat: All purchases add upgrade points.
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Cheat Description

All purchases add upgrade points.


Browser-based RPG games tend to be a bit of a click-fest. You're always clicking here to launch a fire spell and clicking there to use a health potion. Clicking, clicking, clicking, JEEZ where does it end?! Well Happy Ghost Studio has got your back with this epic new keyboard-only fantasy adventure game, Primal Champions, which plops you and your party into an action-packed adventure with no mouse required. Select your party of two adventurers and set out on your quest, moving to each dot on the map to do battle with hordes of goblins, pigs and general monstrosities. The game operates on a real-time combat system, having you choose targets with the [arrow] keys and press [Q] or [A] to launch your party members' basic attacks whenever their cool down counter reaches zero. Reflexes are essential, the tides of battle can turn quickly. A strong leveling system and some epic magic spell combos add to the frenetic joy.

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