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Astro Teemo Hacked

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Cheat: All purchases add coins.
  • Astro Teemo Screenshot
  • Astro Teemo Screenshot
  • Astro Teemo Screenshot
  • Astro Teemo Screenshot

Cheat Description

All purchases add coins.


Try to travel as much distance as you can and collect coins without getting hit by flaming obstacles, Ashe’s Ice Arrow and Lux’s Laser. They are all out to kill Astro Teemo. Once you complete a certain distance after dying, you will be awarded points and gold to upgrade Teemo or buy special skills. Some of the Power-ups you can buy: Ghost ,Super Ghost,Revive,Rolling Barrel,Hexplosive,Mega Inferno Bomb,Coin Magnet,Moonbounce,Soul Shield.

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