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Legends of Kong Hacked

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Cheat: Unlimited cash, health.
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  • Legends of Kong Screenshot
  • Legends of Kong Screenshot
  • Legends of Kong Screenshot

Cheat Description

Unlimited cash, health.


The city is under attack! Regular citizens have gone red-eyed with uncontrollable rage, security robots are running amok, mutants are smashing up storefronts, and sales of crowbars and health syringes are through the roof. Could it possibly have something to do with all those high-frequency broadcasting towers that the mysteriously menacing GlobalTek Industries have constructed all over town? Well, there's only one way to find out. Put together a party, load up on weapons, fight or sneak your way past the psychos and start causing massive property damage! Legends of Kong, new from Nerdook, is a randomly generated action-RPG that never plays the same twice.

Use the [arrow] keys to run and jump across the city's landscape, attacking with the [spacebar]. You must make it to the transmitter at the end of each level and neutralize it, before returning to your car. In your way are the red-eyed psychos, who will chase and attack if you walk into their field of village and will prevent you from leaving the screen until they are killed or enough time passes with you out of sight. It is up to the player to decide whether to be aggressive or stealthy. There are chests of cash to loot, new party member to rescue, and teleporters to activate, all activated with the [down] key. New upgrades and weapons are available for purchase after each successfully completed level. These can be equipped before starting a new level, and weapons can be switched while playing with the [Q] key. Bonuses are given for pacifist and kill-all-enemy level-runs. It's up to you to stop GlobalTek Industries from completing their vaguely defined scheme!

Legends of Kong is fun, can't help but suffer most by comparison. The whole feel of the game is quite reminiscent of Nerdook's earlier Zombies Took My Daughter. After all, it has the randomly generated content, doomed urban setting, and ongoing fight for survival. The problem is that there are areas in which the previous work is clearly superior, particularly in combat which here is much more repetitive. Still, Legend of Kong distinguishes itself by offering much more character customization and a tighter plot. Even with the elements of luck inherent in the design's premise, there's a lot of cool ideas here. Whether or not they all pay off satisfactorily will be up to the individual player, but most will conclude that Legends of Kong builds upon Nerdook's already impressive legend as a gaming experimenter.

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