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Holy Crap, Bears!! Hacked

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Cheat: All purchases are free.
  • Holy Crap, Bears!! Screenshot
  • Holy Crap, Bears!! Screenshot
  • Holy Crap, Bears!! Screenshot
  • Holy Crap, Bears!! Screenshot

Cheat Description

All purchases are free.


Play Holy Crap, Bears!! A free online game from Adult Swim Games. You’re on a camping trip with a bunch of useless kids and you’re about to be eaten by a bear. Maybe you should have stayed in grad school.


Catch the chicken and make your way out of the bear-infested woods.
Click and drag the camp master to move him around the map. Move quickly to the chicken to gain a better time, but be careful! There are bears lurking about.
Collect campers and their belongings scattered across each level to gain more points.
Buy tools and traps from the Travelling Sales Bear using the honey collected on each map. To use these items, double click on them in your inventory on the bottom of the screen for consumables or click once in the inventory, then a second time on the map for throw-able objects.

How To Play

- Make sure to buy Lantern Fuel from the Sales Bear to keep your visibility high.
- Watch out for mobile bears that approach you when you get close.
- More expensive items from the Travelling Sales Bear have greater effects, so sometimes it's worth saving up.

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