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The Rise of a King Hacked

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Cheat: Unlimited resources.
  • The Rise of a King Screenshot
  • The Rise of a King Screenshot
  • The Rise of a King Screenshot
  • The Rise of a King Screenshot

Cheat Description

Unlimited resources.


Your goal in the Rise of a King is to explore the world in and around Stormguard Castle as you start off on your first day as a Knight. Times are getting dark with the current king and many others behaving strangely while more and more dangerous creatures appear, causing trouble all over the kingdom. You seem to be the only one to see the obvious corruption, and its up to you to dissolve this matter.

How To Play

Use the ARROW KEYS to move around. Press DOWN ARROW KEY for shield. Press SPACEBAR to interact. Use "A" KEY for normal attack, "S" KEY for heavy attack and "D" KEY to use selected spell. Check in-game manual for more detailed controls. You can save your progress by sleeping in your bed in the castle barracks. Lets Play!

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