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Decision - Medieval Hacked

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Cheat: Keyhack H toggle health, J toggle unlimited ammo, K add cash, L add crates.
  • Decision - Medieval Screenshot
  • Decision - Medieval Screenshot
  • Decision - Medieval Screenshot
  • Decision - Medieval Screenshot

Cheat Description

Keyhack H toggle health, J toggle unlimited ammo, K add cash, L add crates.


So by now you can probably make short work of any undead horde with nothing but your wits, determination, and a high-powered machine gun. But how do you fare with just a dagger and a bow? Flyanvil's latest topdown survival game strips away the high-tech, post-apocalyptic gadgetry and plops you right back in the dark ages where every arrow counts. Merging elements of simulation games like Rebuild and solid shooter action, Decision: Medieval offers multiple enemy types, upgradeable structures, and a wealth of weapons and skills, creating a deep experience that's certain to keep players invested. What makes Decision: Medieval stand out from the crowd is the medieval setting. Catapults and poison arrows replace the usual grenades and sniper rifles, upping the tension immensely.

How To Play

Control your character with either the mouse or keyboard (options exist for both [QWERTY] and [AZERTY] configurations), clicking to attack with a variety of upgradeable melee and ranged weapons. Enemies come lunging out of the darkness, sometimes alone, sometimes in slobbering hordes. You can find foes both living and dead, and sometimes you can manipulate them into offing each other if you don't want to get your hands dirty. Rescue survivors or rummage through debris to earn bonus coins to pay for better upgrades. It's just good, solid survival fun. The impetus is on improving your skills, not necessarily on finding the best new toys. The skill tree is also one of the game's major draws. You must locate skill masters out in the field and bring them home safely in order to buy new talents from them, and each area has a threat level that can be reduced by taking on side quests. Unfortunately, while there are several distinct areas, they do feel very similar in terms of design and gameplay. It's the ever-changing hordes of enemies that give the game its challenge, as well as your own desire to keep your friends alive and your kingdom zombie-free. Everything in Decision: Medieval feels very interconnected and reactive to the player's decisions. Add a cheesy but effective art style and you've got a very impressive game that any zombie-killer will enjoy.

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