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Orange Gravity 2 Hacked

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Cheat: All levels unlocked.
  • Orange Gravity 2 Screenshot
  • Orange Gravity 2 Screenshot
  • Orange Gravity 2 Screenshot
  • Orange Gravity 2 Screenshot

Cheat Description

All levels unlocked.


Orange Gravity 2 is the sequel to the physics game in which you're tasked with helping an orange collect lemons. To guide the orange to all of the lemons, you must cut ropes and interact with mechanisms. The orange will automatically attach itself to some objects with a rope. When cutting these ropes, make sure that the orange won't fall off the screen or come into contact with spikes. When all of the lemons have been collected, you then must guide the orange to the exit.

How To Play

Interact with objects and manipulate gravity so that the orange collects the lemons and reaches the exit. Don't let the orange fall off the stage or touch spikes.

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