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Tower of the Archmage Hacked

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Cheat: Unlimited health.
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  • Tower of the Archmage Screenshot
  • Tower of the Archmage Screenshot
  • Tower of the Archmage Screenshot

Cheat Description

Unlimited health.


Choose one of four classes of mages and start your adventure on the Tower of the Archmage!
Customize and create your own spells, defeat your foes in strategic turn-based combat, discover many different enemies, random runes, unique creatures and 25 floors of procedurally-generated dungeons.

Be careful, for many dangers await you in the tower, and your death will be permanent, though your successor will always keep some of your knowledge.

How To Play

Move with the arrow keys or wasd, use your spells with the number keys, open your spell menu to create new spells or upgrade your current spells with the x key.
All menus and interface interactions can be used with mouse and keyboard.

In-game tutorial recommended for more detailed instructions.

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