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Juggernaut 2 - Uprising Hacked

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Cheat: All purchases add cash.
  • Juggernaut 2 - Uprising Screenshot
  • Juggernaut 2 - Uprising Screenshot
  • Juggernaut 2 - Uprising Screenshot
  • Juggernaut 2 - Uprising Screenshot

Cheat Description

All purchases add cash.


It's been a little over seven years since the events of JUGGERNAUT: Awakening and Aura has spent that time seeking answers. In the time between, he's learned of another ordeal involving a young girl being kidnapped by a machine and he's convinced that there's a lot more to be uncovered.

He's happened upon a lead that steers him to the town of Hart in order to find a man named Dagon. This man supposedly has a similar story to tell, maybe they can find the answers they're looking for if they work together?

Elsewhere, the Juggernauts have been unleashed. What could this mean for the world as they know it? Nothing too bad, right?

How To Play

- Arrows/WASD to move
- Mouse to interact with various things
- Space/Enter to open and close the menu

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