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Pokemon Tower Defense Hacked

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Cheat: Latest version. See below.
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  • Pokemon Tower Defense Screenshot
  • Pokemon Tower Defense Screenshot
  • Pokemon Tower Defense Screenshot

Cheat Description

Latest version. See below.


Pokemon Tower Defense is hosted with permission from Sam & Dan Games.

Your objective in this cool 3D puzzle game with a chilling atmosphere is to pass each level by pulling apart colored cubes and remove all the pieces to clear the screen. Each level, youт are given a unique 3D puzzle consisting of blocks that hold each other together.
- Pokémon gain more Exp per Pokémon defeated. It is possible that the Exp earned is 100 times normal, the reason that this can be assumed is that the experience gains are always in multiples of 100.
- More money earned for each Pokémon defeated. (Possibly 100 times more, see above)
- One hit will make a Pokémon's HP bar red, making them easy to catch.
- All purchases will give you money instead of decreasing it.

How To Play

Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. When using the Glance Tool (an eye icon is displayed at the bottom left circle) you can rotate the puzzle. When using the Pull Tool (a hand icon) click on a piece to pop up the axis selection gizmo and pull in the desired direction. To switch tools press the SPACEBAR or click the tool icon. Good luck!

Useful info:
- PTD1 Mystery Gifts: http://pokemontowerdefense.wikia.com/wiki/Mystery_Gift

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