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Mercurial Story Hacked

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Cheat: All levels unlocked.
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Cheat Description

All levels unlocked.


Havana24.net's puzzle platformer Mercurial Story is about a guy whose unpredictable and uncontrollable mood swings impact his life in a very big way. Each level is divided in half horizontally, and up top is the brighter, happier world, while below is the darker, more dangerous world that turns his life upside-down. Literally, since when you're below, everything is inverted! Use the [arrow] keys to move and jump, or [X] to jump, and you can double-jump while you're "happy" in the world above. Below, everything is more dangerous, but you'll still often find yourself needing to delve into it to pass through the level. Where the two "worlds" intersect, your character will bob back and forth between them like a cork, so you don't need to worry about falling and dying, and you can actually use this momentum to reach new heights. (Press [R] if you get stuck!) This can be fiddly to master on some stages, and combined with the optional (prescribed, presumably) pills to collect, which of course doesn't describe everyone's situation but can be one person's method of coping, Mercurial Story won't be for everyone. More concerning is actually the implication that the main character is both physically and emotionally abusive to those around him, and while this is clearly as a result of the character's uncontrollable problem, it still might be upsetting enough to some people that the ending may not ring quite as sweet, though the intent is clearly to show a difficult situation and attempt to give hope to anyone else experiencing it as well.

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