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Dungeon Deadline Hacked

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Cheat: Lots of loot (coins).
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  • Dungeon Deadline Screenshot
  • Dungeon Deadline Screenshot
  • Dungeon Deadline Screenshot

Cheat Description

Lots of loot (coins).


Enter the Deadline Dungeons and loot as much gold as you can. You only got 10 seconds and there are lots of monsters waiting for you. Choose out of 3 hero classes each has its own strenght and weakness. Buy upgrades and maybe you will be able to defeat the dungeon master.

How To Play

Choose between Archer, Mage or Swordsman. Mage and Archer are long range units while the swordsman only has a very limited range. You will have to find the most effective way in each dungeon to collect as much gold as possible. Use the gold to buy upgrades between the levels. It is only possible to beat the Dragon if you have bought the right upgrades in the shop. Have fun and enjoy this great and very fast dungeon crawler.

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