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Samurai Run 2 Hacked

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Cheat: Unlimited lives.
  • Samurai Run 2 Screenshot
  • Samurai Run 2 Screenshot
  • Samurai Run 2 Screenshot
  • Samurai Run 2 Screenshot

Cheat Description

Unlimited lives.


This solid groundwork for a larger project.

The artistic style is polished, and the obstacles just varied enough to be sustainable.

That being said, the player needs more to keep them playing over again than a score attack feature. As others have stated, upgrades would go a long way to these ends. Especially considering that as it stands, gold has no other purpose than to be a scoring mechanism-- made redundant by the actual score. That gold has no use is doubly an issue; the player has no obvious incentive to collect it otherwise, aside from the aforementioned score, thus further emphasizing the redundancy.

You're getting there. Best of luck in your next attempt.

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