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Gray Mage Hacked

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Gray Mage Icon
You need to unblock Flash Player or install it to play this game
Cheat: Unlimited money, health.
  • Gray Mage Screenshot
  • Gray Mage Screenshot
  • Gray Mage Screenshot
  • Gray Mage Screenshot

Cheat Description

Unlimited money, health.


Take on the role of a wizard. Learn magical spells to defend your castle from your enemies.

How To Play

Click on the screen or use WASD to MOVE. (Actually, clicking to move is easier. WASD doesn’t work so well.)
Use 1-5 on the keyboard to CAST SPELLS, which have COOLDOWNS and need MANA.
Pressing space opens the STORE MENU and PAUSES the game.
Progress saves automatically EVERY WAVE.
MORE SPELLS are unlocked as you level up and spend points in the talent trees.
There are 20 waves of enemies to beat. They spawn off-screen

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