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Riding Shotgun Hacked

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Cheat: Unlimited health.
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  • Riding Shotgun Screenshot
  • Riding Shotgun Screenshot
  • Riding Shotgun Screenshot

Cheat Description

Unlimited health.


Riding Shotgun is the most awesome board game I ever played at T45! Dare to take the cruelest challenge to defeat the most formidable bandits in the Wild West back to the gold age of cowboys?! You and your opponent will take turns to attack each other on the board and your will go horizontally while your enemy will go the vertical route. There are icons with bullets, stars, shields placed on the board and you have to choose your route carefully to give equip yourself and at the same time giving the deadly blows to the other side. The first one loses all his HP points dies in the scorching desert! Take the first move, our hero and have fun! Enjoy this great game? Share it to spread the happiness!

How To Play

Mouse = Move

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