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Senya and Oscar Hacked

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Senya and Oscar Icon
Cheat: Keyhack J toggle unlimited health.
  • Senya and Oscar Screenshot
  • Senya and Oscar Screenshot
  • Senya and Oscar Screenshot
  • Senya and Oscar Screenshot

Cheat Description

Keyhack J toggle unlimited health.


In a fairytale kingdom, the boy Senya and his friend cat Oscar live. Quite often our friends go for a walk in the vicinity of the city in search of various adventures. Today, in Senya and Oscar: The Fearless Adventure, we'll keep them company. Our characters have heard that some bandits have settled on one of the roads. They decided to destroy them. You will see our heroes and their rivals on the screen. You will have to fight with them. To do this, you will need to use a special control panel on which you will see the icons that control the attacking techniques. By clicking on them you will strike at the enemy and thus destroy them.

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