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Lethal RPG Destiny 2 - Conquest Hacked

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Cheat: Keyhacks 1 heal, 2 add xp, 3 add souls, 4 add cash.
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Cheat Description

Keyhacks 1 heal, 2 add xp, 3 add souls, 4 add cash.


The story begins a very long time ago with a lone great warrior. He fought valiantly for his country, defending it and his king from the undead. In one final and almost fatal fight, he was left for dead in the kingdom he fought so hard for. A mage found him and saved his soul by binding it to a demon. He became Lethal Jagged Spine, a brutal man who had a thirst for vengeance. In this intense role playing game, your mission is to form an army and take over the kingdom. Fight off knights, dinosaurs, goblins, and other creatures to gain experience, money, respect, and soldiers to fight for you. Make sure you have enough experience before fighting or you will lose money and soldiers.

How To Play

To play, use YOUR MOUSE and LEFT CLICK to select actions. Can you overthrow the king? You may experience a white screen for up to a minute while the game loads.

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