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Lucky Tower 2 Hacked

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Cheat: Keyhack H add health, M add cash.
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  • Lucky Tower 2 Screenshot
  • Lucky Tower 2 Screenshot
  • Lucky Tower 2 Screenshot

Cheat Description

Keyhack H add health, M add cash.


I know they say clothes make the man, but if teeth have anything to do with it, the flaxen-haired hero of Lucky Tower 2 is as manly as they come. In this sequel to Exotworking's original action platforming adventure, Von Wanst is still searching for glory. When his fellow hero Damokles meets... uh... an unfortunate end, Von Wants gets an opportunity to go on a quest for the king that sounds easy enough, but you forget that Our Hero isn't exactly operating on all four cylinders. Probably because the other two are all gummed up with sheer manliness. Like... sports and... meat... and stuff. Guy things.

Move with the [arrow] keys, jump with [A], attack with [S], and while tapping the down [arrow] will cause Von Wanst to block, tapping up lets you interact with things and pick stuff open. Hit [Q] to open your... quest hand... to keep track of what you should be doing, and [D] to open your inventory where you can click and drag items to use or equip them. Your health is represented by the gleaming teeth in the bottom left corner, so try not to get busted up too badly. Alas, if only you weren't so punchable! It seems like the moment Von Wanst steps out the castle gates, everything wants a piece of him, but if you're willing to dust up anything that takes a swing at you, you'll earn gold you can spend on everything from hats, to more teeth (ew), and better equipment. Like pillows. And dead fish on sticks.

While the original Lucky Tower was a fun but relatively straight-forward game that relied heavily on gags and a sense of quirky charm, Lucky Tower 2 is a much more fleshed out beast. It feels more like an adventure, with a bunch of side-quests to complete and places to explore, and a whole bunch of weird characters to meet. The work that's gone into it, from the voice acting to crafting a whole new adventure, means Lucky Tower 2 is one of those rare sequels where it really seems like a big step up from its roots. You could argue, of course, that the simplistic, slapstick nature of the original was what made it great, and certainly the combat on display here is more than a little dull, but Lucky Tower 2 makes up for it in variety. Use elaborate, silly sign-language to help someone cheat at cards. Defend your beauty secrets from bandits. Go spelunking in crystal caverns full of goblins and sea monsters. Despite the tedious combat, Lucky Tower 2's gorgeously silly sense of whimsy makes this one brave knight worth spending some time with if you're a fan of ridiculousness, dental work, and hats. Lots of hats

How To Play

Move: Arrowkeys
Block: Down-Arrow
Pick Up Items / Interact / Enter Doors: Up-Arrow

Jump: A
Attack: S
Inventory: D
Questhand: Q

Respawn: Enter / Space

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