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Trucking Zombies Hacked

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Cheat: Unlimited cash.
  • Trucking Zombies Screenshot
  • Trucking Zombies Screenshot
  • Trucking Zombies Screenshot
  • Trucking Zombies Screenshot

Cheat Description

Unlimited cash.


The world as we know is under attack by infected humans. In a world where scientists were looking for the immortality secret, they came across a way to keep humans alive for a long time, however there were extreme consequences! The birth of the Trucking Zombies!! The worlds safety now lies in the hands of 3 men who's mission it is to eliminate this threat and see peace on earth once more!

How To Play

Mouse - Aim/Shoot
1/2/3 - Change truck
Hint: Using the Up/Down Arrows or the mouse scroll will also switch between trucks!

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