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Shadez 3 - The Moon Miners Hacked

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Cheat: Lots of cash.
  • Shadez 3 - The Moon Miners Screenshot
  • Shadez 3 - The Moon Miners Screenshot
  • Shadez 3 - The Moon Miners Screenshot
  • Shadez 3 - The Moon Miners Screenshot

Cheat Description

Lots of cash.


Your troops need you! Guide and upgrade them through the campaign in this new Shadez game!

Shadez 3: The Moon Miners is the follow up to Shadez 2: Battle For Earth. Combining the fast-paced strategic gameplay and stunning graphics of all the Shadez games, this sequel puts you in the command chair of mercenary forces in charge of battling the enemy, rescuing miners and much more!

Moon base Alpha 12 has come under attack; the Aliens have landed. Power has been interrupted, drilling has ceased and the atmosphere is reversing. Many lives are at stake. Your mission, if application is successful, is to regain control of Alpha 12 sector and remove all Alien installations. Due to the mission being on the moon, we can supply you with new equipment and special structures. Warning: Aliens have some kind of long reach attack strike system…

How To Play

Mouse: Select/Navigate menus
WASD/Arrow keys: Move camera
Shift + 0-9: Create group selection
0-9: Select group
Escape: Cancel selection
P: Pause
F: Increase speed
T: Track selected units

Listed below are some tips to help you get started in your quest to beat Shadez 3!
- Use Terrain To Your Advantage
- Check out the map closely at the beginning of each mission. Often the shape of the land can help you. Hills might screen your units from enemy fire, or obstacles might make it difficult for your troops to advance. Be aware of how each unit will react to hills, valleys, etc.
- Choose Your Upgrades Wisely
- Consider your upgrade choices carefully. If you don't use a lot aerial units, for example - it might be a waste to spend a lot of points on upgrading them! But there's always a trade-off between the cost of an upgrade and what it gives you - so think about the choices carefully.
- Choose A Rally Point For New Units
- You can choose a place for your new units to head to as soon as they're constructed. Click the building, then right-click a point on the map. You'll see a green light connecting the building to that location. Your units will head there as soon as they're built.
- Double-Click To Choose All Units of the Same Type
- To quickly choose all units of the same type, just double-click one of those types of units. This can be helpful to conserve your more valuable units, or to gather up all those type of units into one place in preparation for a coordinated assault!
- Learn Your Units
- Depending on the mission, you might not have a lot of kinds of troops at your disposal. Make sure you know the strenghts and weaknesses of each kind of unit so that you don't needlessly waste money and units! Remember, on some missions you might not be able to mine ore for more money!
- Need To Restart A Mission?
- To restart a mission hit 'P' to pause the mission, then choose 'retry' from the menu that pops up.

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