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Wild Defense Hacked

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Strategy 3D Fantasy Android Click to find more games like this.
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Cheat: All purchases add cash.
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Cheat Description

All purchases add cash.


Swordsman: He has great attack power, but can not defend against aerial and waterway attack.
Archer: Deadly against flying enemy.

Tamer: Can tame animals and organize them around her to help fight enemy. The whip is her weapon and she can weaken the enemy’s strength.

Pet Wolfdog: This is the tamed wolfdog. It attacks with its sharp claw. It does not cost any resources. Can only be placed around Tamer.
Fisherman: Spear is his weapon of choice and nothing in the water can escape his eyes. He can also shot at the sky.

Giant stone from the black forest, Can be deadly when hit.
Wooden Crate: It floats on water. It can block waterway and forces enemy to come out of the water.

How To Play

Fight ground, air, and naval enemies in this (strategy) defense game with 32 increasingly more challenging levels.

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