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Tower Siege Hacked

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Cheat Description

All purchases are free.


Are you ready to defend your castle until the very end? Can you keep the enemies from destroying your defenses and from taking control over you and your people? In Tower: Siege you will feel that and many other emotions as you try to defend your land while at the same time making at least 3 of a kind of those colourful cubes with tiny faces. In this great action flash game, which is available only for PC, you will have the chance to battle and defend your castle through many different territories in a great map. Each level will start with an easy difficulty level, but once you pass it, you can choose to go on to the next one or play again but with an intermediate difficulty, and last but not least, hard level of difficulty. As you kill enemies through destroying tiles (3 of a kind together, at least) and making them fall, you can also place some traps along the way in order to slow them down, cut them with blades, and more.

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