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Call of Spring Hacked

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Cheat: Unlimited ammo.
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  • Call of Spring Screenshot
  • Call of Spring Screenshot
  • Call of Spring Screenshot

Cheat Description

Unlimited ammo.


The world was being invaded for years by creatures from a far off land. These monstrosities grew in number, but yet the humans turned a blind eye to their existence. So a new hero arose to protect its homeland. This squirrel may be small and adorably fluffy, but this tiny hero packs a punch, or, well, a rocket gun if you pick up the right ammo. Call of Spring is an action platform shooter made by Bit of Game that you play with the keyboard ([WASD] or the [arrow] keys) and the mouse to fire at the incoming enemies. But Call of Spring is a bit different from most shooters as it's not waves that you have to fight against, but fight through to find the exit that lets you advance to the next level to reach your end goal, which is eliminating the Leader of this alien evasion and saving earth, of course. With three bosses and a gaggle of creative enemies, this is a task this small vermin is burdened with since the humans are just too lazy.

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