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Battle for Darkness Hacked

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Cheat: Unlimited cash.
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Cheat Description

Unlimited cash.


Create an army of evil and battle humans! Battle For Darkness is an awesome strategy RPG that has you commanding an unstoppable army against humans! Level up and get your army to max strength so you can take down their strong hold! It's fun being evil, isn't it?

How To Play

In Battle for Darkness we have to organize or troops and send them into the war. Our goal in each round is to stay alive as long as possible. Therefore we can use some tactical elements like special troops and use them against harder enemies. With the gold we earn in the fights we can upgrade our troops and recruit new once.

Battle for Darkness Cheat Codes:
1. Hold [SHIFT] in Shop and press [0] to activate the cheat codes screen.
2. Enter one of the following cheat codes and click submit:
"Some gold please" - Earn 1000 gold
"Hit them hard - 20% extra attack damage for all your units
"Make us strong" - 20% extra health points for all your units
"Armored for victory" - 20% extra armor for all your units
"Bring more explosives" - Goblin Kamikaze units cost 50% cheaper
"Focus Focus Focus" - Special skills recharge 20% faster
"Army discount" - Upgrades cost 20% cheaper
"I wanna be rich" - Earn 20% more gold for all kills

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