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Demons Vs Fairyland Hacked

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Cheat: Unlimited cash, mana.
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  • Demons Vs Fairyland Screenshot
  • Demons Vs Fairyland Screenshot
  • Demons Vs Fairyland Screenshot

Cheat Description

Unlimited cash, mana.


Defend the children in this awesome TD! Demons Vs Fairyland is an extremely awesome Tower defense game where you build tons of towers and armies of undead to stop those pesky fairies! You can even upgrade and cast spells between rounds! Good luck!

In this game, we tried to put together our favorite features in the TDs we love (Cursed Treasure, Kingdom Rush, Gemcraft…) as well as some ideas of our own. We hope you’ll enjoy it!

The people of Fairyland are after you. Fight your way back to the dark forest in this epic tower defense!

How To Play

Raise an army of skeletons, command powerful beasts, summon zombies, manipulate your enemies, unlock 30 skills, 56 achievements, upgrade your towers with special abilities and defeat your pursuers!

The enemies will try to take the kids from your camp and take them away. Don’t let this happen ! Build and upgrade towers to attack them.
Each tower must be built near a supporting tower of the same type. For example, you can only place haunted cabins near cemeteries.

Hotkeys :
SPACE : launch wave / F1: pause / F2: speed x1 / F3: x2 / F4: x3
QWE : skeleton towers / ASD : watchtowers / ZXC : puddles

Tips :
- Don’t forget to use your spells
- skeletons work best near a ranged tower
- Find the game too easy ? Customize the difficulty settings !

Mouse only
[P] – pause
HOLD [SHIFT] to build several towers of the same kind
HOLD [SHIFT] to keep a tower selected after upgrading
1 – select / unselect firebolt
2 – select / unselect chain lightning
3 – select / unselect zombies

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