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Game Over Gopher Hacked

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Strategy Upgrade Achievement Actionscript 3 Click to find more games like this.
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Cheat: Unlimited health, cash.
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  • Game Over Gopher Screenshot
  • Game Over Gopher Screenshot
  • Game Over Gopher Screenshot

Cheat Description

Unlimited health, cash.


Gophers are attacking your carrot, protect him at all cost! He needs to be served tonight and not be eaten by hungry gophers! Use your wit and strategy skills in this funny and amazing tower-defense game. Put up towers that fire carrots to make those gophers full before they reach your carrot. Collect rubies to buy more towers and upgrade them to fire more carrot-power! Set up miners in the right coordinates to get more rubies. That is not all! You can play mini-games to get more points and more rubies as well!

How To Play

Use your MOUSE to drag each tower in the field and position them strategically to prevent your enemies from reaching the carrot. Can you eat that carrot or the gophers will get it before you do? Play now and let us find out then!

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