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Steampunk Tower Hacked

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Cheat: All purchases add cash.
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  • Steampunk Tower Screenshot
  • Steampunk Tower Screenshot
  • Steampunk Tower Screenshot

Cheat Description

All purchases add cash.


Prepare yourself for some serious defense game - steampunk style! Defend yourself with various powerful towers in this action-packed single tower defense game. Place towers in your single tower while being attacked by stickmen, helicopters, tanks, balloons, and walkers from both sides! Come up with a good strategy and choose from 4 upgradeable towers in your inventory to defend you. Each tower has their own special skills so maximize it depending on the type of enemies attacking you. Some enemies are vulnerable to some of your towers so always check which type of enemies are attacking and select a tower wisely. Do not forget to upgrade your defenders in order to bring forth more firepower and gain more advantage in the battlefield.

How To Play

Use your MOUSE to select, place and upgrade your towers. If you find yourself in a disadvntage, use your RED EYE power to incinerate all of your enemies. Game on!

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