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Scuba Hacked

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Cheat: No pressure. Unlimited flashlight, health, oxygen.
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Cheat Description

No pressure. Unlimited flashlight, health, oxygen.


Your objective is to rebuild your broken spaceship by gathering underwater elements and combining them. Explore the randomly generated world to gather required materials. Remember to keep an eye on suit pressure, battery and oxygen levels. Craft upgrades and recipes.
Scuba is minecraft game!

How To Play

Press H KEY for the help menu to show goal, crafting, HUD, oxygen, suit pressure, buildings, inventory, recipes and upgrades. USE WASD or ARROW KEYS to move. LEFT-CLICK to use selected item, select item with 1 - 6 NUMBER KEYS. F KEY for flashlight, E KEY to use building, H KEY for how to play, Q KEY for inventory, R KEY for recipes, ESC KEY for pause menu. Good luck!

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