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Warlords - Call to Arms Hacked

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Strategy Upgrade Two Player Kongregate Versus Actionscript 2 Good Click to find more games like this.
Warlords - Call to Arms Icon
Cheat: Unlimited gold.
  • Warlords - Call to Arms Screenshot
  • Warlords - Call to Arms Screenshot
  • Warlords - Call to Arms Screenshot
  • Warlords - Call to Arms Screenshot

Cheat Description

Unlimited gold.


Your mission in this cool strategy game is to push back the enemy forces to win the battle. Get your men to the other side of the map without letting the enemies men get to yours.

How To Play

Press "W" and "S" KEY, or UP and DOWN ARROW KEY to select the position on the battle field where you want your unit to emerge. Press the SPACEBAR to build the selected unit. Press "A" and "D" KEY, or LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEY to select the type of unit. If you score, the bar at the top move right. If it is all the way to the right, you win. If time passes out, you should be sure that your ahead of the enemy to win as well. It is going to be a bloody battle, but all that matters is to claim victory at the end and move on to the next territory to conquer. Good luck!

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