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Whack the Thief Hacked

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Cheat: See below.
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  • Whack the Thief Screenshot
  • Whack the Thief Screenshot
  • Whack the Thief Screenshot

Cheat Description

See below.


You enjoyed whack your boss, now its time to defend your home when an evil thief breaks in! Can you find all ways to whack this creepy character?

How To Play

Kills: 1-"Valve In-Surgery" (Insurgency) Bandmigdon racket on the couch. 2-"Clean Up on Sunset Boulevard" Door to the left. 3-"Fore..Head!" Golf club to the left of the couch. 4-"Dry Dead" Castle in fish tank. 5-"Beheadment" Swords over fireplace 6-"Fahrenheit Being" Oil in fireplace. 7-"Bleed Out!!" Top bottle in the shelf. 8-"Ace Ventura Kid" Toolbox near the TV. 9-"Heavy Weight Champ" Weight to the right of the bed. 10-"Doom 2 You" Last book to the right on the shelf. 11-"Handbagger" Trashbag on fireplace. 12-"Expiation Gold" Lower drawer on the shelf. 13-"Flash the Light" After scene finish,click the theif's flashlight. Hopefully those are creative titles!

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