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Hacked Madness Games

Complete list of hacked madness games organized by publishing date in descending order.

  • Mass Mayhem 2099 A.D.
    Mass Mayhem 2099 A.D.
    93108.7K Cheat: Type in the cheats menu (Shop -> Bonus): Faster Speedster - [SPEED], Small hero -
  • Sift Heads - Street Wars
    Sift Heads - Street Wars
    94109.3K Cheat: Unlimited health.
  • Kill M
    Kill M
    9145.3K Cheat: All purchases add more.
  • Hobo 7 - Heaven
    Hobo 7 - Heaven
    94213.8K Cheat: Unlimited health.
  • Kill a Stickman
    Kill a Stickman
    8736.9K Cheat: All levels unlocked.
  • Crash Test Launcher
    Crash Test Launcher
    92111.3K Cheat: All purchases are free.
  • Larry and the Gnomes
    Larry and the Gnomes Hot
    8511.7K Cheat: Unlimited health.
  • Hobo 6 - Hell
    Hobo 6 - Hell
    9372.0K Cheat: Unlimited health.
  • Mass Mayhem 2
    Mass Mayhem 2
    9049.5K Cheat: Type in the cheats menu (Shop -> Bonus): Small enemies - [tiny], Small main charac
  • Rage
    8916.7K Cheat: Unlimited health, ammo, cash.
  • Hobo
    9225.6K Cheat: Unlimited health.
  • Dad N Me
    Dad N Me
    94177.8K Cheat: Unlimited health, power.
  • Handless Millionaire 2
    Handless Millionaire 2
    8545.3K Cheat: Keyhack [1] toggle invulnerability, [2] wear a bracelet, [3] use a vacuum cleaner, [4
  • Peacekeeper
    Peacekeeper Hot
    94108.2K Cheat: Keyhack [9] toggle invulnerability. Links give more cash.
  • Achilles
    8824.5K Cheat: Unlimited lives.
  • Remnant Lost Legacy
    Remnant Lost Legacy
    824.5K Cheat: Unlimited ammo.
  • Feed Us
    Feed Us
    8717.2K Cheat: All upgrades are free. Type in the cheats menu: [BIPI] - Big Piranhas, [EAIN] - Eat i
  • Shoot'm
    92104.2K Cheat: All purchases are free.
  • Feed Us 2
    Feed Us 2
    9261.1K Cheat: Unlimited blood. Also type in the cheats menu: Big Piranhas - [SVWG], Invincible Pira
  • Mass Mayhem 3
    Mass Mayhem 3 Hot
    9252.9K Cheat: Unlimited cash. Type in the cheats menu (Shop -> Bonus): All Weapons - [42611], Fu
  • Feed Us 3
    Feed Us 3
    9073.3K Cheat: Unlimited blood. Type in the cheats menu: Add 50 blood - [BLOOD], Next level - [NEXT]
  • Madness - Retaliation
    Madness - Retaliation
    94246.7K Cheat: Lots of action points, health.
  • Thing-Thing Arena 2
    Thing-Thing Arena 2
    9130.7K Cheat: Unlimited health, ammo.
  • LA Rex
    LA Rex Hot
    9235.4K Cheat: All levels unlocked.
  • Infectonator - World Dominator
    Infectonator - World Dominator
    8645.9K Cheat: All upgrades are free.
  • Infectonator 2
    Infectonator 2 Hot
    92275.1K Cheat: In lobby, click the Facebook or Twitter links to receive lots of money. No other hack
  • Delivery Man
    Delivery Man Hot
    9031.4K Cheat: All purchases add cash. Unlimited health.
  • Happy Wheels - Totaljerkface
    Happy Wheels - Totaljerkface Hot
    91660.7K Cheat: Unlimited health.
  • Kindergarten Killer
    Kindergarten Killer
    727.5K Cheat: Unlimited health.
  • Feed Us 5
    Feed Us 5 Hot
    92233.9K Cheat: Type in the cheats menu: Your main piranha is invincible: [PADDED], + 10 litres of
  • Hanger 2 - Endless Level Pack
    Hanger 2 - Endless Level Pack
    8815.4K Cheat: Keyhack [1] health, [2] next level.
  • Feed Us 4
    Feed Us 4 Hot
    94227.9K Cheat: Type in the CHEATS menu: + 200 000 litres of blood: [BLOOD], Invincible: [CHAIN], Ext
  • Man Hunter
    Man Hunter
    814.8K Cheat: Unlimited money.
  • Effing Worms Xmas
    Effing Worms Xmas
    9467.7K Cheat: Unlimited health.
  • Penguinz
    8714.4K Cheat: Unlimited ammo, health, money.
  • Clubby the Seal
    Clubby the Seal
    865.0K Cheat: Unlimited health.
  • Ricochet Kills
    Ricochet Kills
    7414.9K Cheat: Lots of shots.